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Save Mini : a Wounded Stray Baby

She is one of the millions of stray cats roaming free in the streets of İstanbul , her mother , an unknown soul to us, is probably one of the most skilled felines of the city …

She has to be ; surviving in the big metropolitan city with only your bare minimum needs met is not an easy task when you channel most of your energy into protecting your baby.
It is not always possible though.
Often , if it is not a car that takes your most precious away , it is the human cruelty.

Mini’s story started just like many others,the moment she fell apart from her mother , she became a prey to the dangers of the world…
A world mostly dominated by human race,thus a world where the rules are set by them.
The first 4 months of her life was not that bad …

She managed to survive…barely.

She shivered in the cold and humid Istanbul winter , dreaming of a warm spot where she can hide her tiny body and sleep…It did not happen , the winter unfortunately left her with a terrible infection.

An infection that slowly destroyed her nasal septum, the soft bony structure that separates her nasal channels.A slow , painful infection that prevented her to breathe  normally.


Days and weeks passed , none could tell that Mini had a hard time keeping her head straight now…

No one was watching her silent agony whilst the infection made its way to the inner ear , now disturbing her equilibrium and making its way to her most vital organ , her brain.

Ignoring her ordeal was not enough ;  the lack of compassion soon turns into abuse ; Mini’s weakened body was seized by a subhuman , the latter enjoyed leaving her tied up with a rope and absolutely defenseless in the street.


The rope leaves deep scars on her body , scars that could not heal by them-selves as her immune system is especially compromised. A gift of life as  a stray ; malnutrition , restlessness and cold accompany her fate.


It would not be so long until death comes for her tiny body.

It would not take long if it was not for our friend who discovered Mini’s begging presence next to her office building.

Mini was rushed to our clinic..


The hemogram and X-Rays confirm the loss of bone material with a very high infection level…
Luckily, the damage is reversible ;
Mini will be spared from a certain death.

She has to stay in the clinic  for 2 weeks , the time where we will try to mend her broken body and spirits.

We call our friends once again to join the incredible effort of saving and rebuilding a life , this time Mini’s precious life…
Please help us save Mini , together we can change her terrible start in life.

Remember , this is the only life she has…



5 thoughts on “Save Mini : a Wounded Stray Baby

  1. Reblogged this on All That JazzCat! and commented:
    I’ve recently shared the last update on the story of Claudia the Cat.
    Now it’s time to make a difference for another little darling. Meet Mini. Please, please SHARE and donate if you can. We already did. Every dollar counts. Even if all you can spare is $1. Imagine if all of us donate $1 today. Can we get a thousand people donating one dollar? I know times are tight for everyone. I understand, even if I am a cat and not a human.
    So if you can’t donate, then please share. Let’s help Mini get the life she deserves! Just think, how wonderful it will be when she too finds a forever home!

    • Belgin thank you so much for fostering Mini 🙂 As you know we are always in need of reliable fosters in Istanbul, an amazing thing you are doing’ !

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